Installing Pocket Anatomy on iPhone and or iPad


If you have purchased Pocket Anatomy on your iPhone, you may be wondering how you can easily install Pocket Anatomy on your iPad (or vice versa). Good news - it's easy to do! Please see steps below.

(Aside: The iPhone and the iPad both run iOS, which is Apple's operating system designed for mobile devices. Apps that are designed to run on both iPhone and iPad are referred to as universal app. Pocket Anatomy is a universal app!)



  1. First, open the Apple App Store app on the device not containing Pocket Anatomy.
  2. Search for Pocket Anatomy using the input search box at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Make sure that the App has a cloud button beside it and not a price.*
  4. Download Pocket Anatomy by tapping the cloud button that has the arrow dropping out of it.

*Note: Please ensure that you are signed into iTunes App Store in order for your previous record of purchasing Pocket Anatomy to be registered. (If you are not signed in, you may see a see price for the app, in which case it does not recognise that you previously purchased Pocket Anatomy).



So there you have it. How to install an app that was previously purchased on another iOS device. If you have any queries or wish to send us any suggestions, please contact us.


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