Why use the search feature?

Our app has been meticulously designed with many innovative and very useful features. These features include the various layers on our beautiful models, our colour coded pin system and our ingenious in built search engine. In this article we will be looking at the many benefits of using the search feature.

What does the search feature do?

The search feature in the Pocket Anatomy app allows users to quickly and efficiently search for any component in the human body. The search for any component like the eye, will bring up the organ pin, anatomy of the eye and also the functions of the eye. You are then free to choose what you wish to see.

Benefits of this feature:

The benefits of the search are primarily to make the user experience on our app as simple and uncomplicated as possible. The search feature allows users to quickly access any pin in a matter of seconds. The search feature eliminates the need to scroll through a vast lists of pins to find exactly what you are looking for.

In essence the search feature saves you time.


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