Searching the Glossary

Our app allows users to search for pins and look through the glossary. You can also visit our tutorials on searching for pinsThe following is a step by step process to allow you to search for anything on our glossary. 

Step 1:

Start by tapping on the search icon "" on the app interface. 

Step 2:

By default, you will be brought to the “All Content” section of the tab. 


Step 3:  

The Glossary can be accessed by tapping on “Glossary”. This will be located at the bottom of the search tab. The full list on our glossary will then be at your disposal.


Step 4:

To find what you are looking for, you may scroll through the list. To do this, drag your finger, from any point on the search tab, upwards to the top of the search tab. Alternatively, we suggest you use the search engine which is built into our app. To use this tap on search box " Search…" option and type the name of the anatomy structure you are looking for. For example, if we are to type "femur" into the search box, the search engine will search through the 100,000 words in our app and return anything related to the femur.

Step 5:

You will then be presented with information about the selected item.


We hope you can now easily search through the glossary to find what you wish to see and also save time by using our powerful and intuitive search engine. Please get in touch, to ask for further help or to submit a suggestion.

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