Searching for pins

Our app allows users to search for pins and look through the glossary. This tutorial focuses on searching for any anatomical structure (a pin). You can also visit our tutorials for searching for searching the glossary

Steps 1:

You will see the search icon "" on the app interface, it will be located at the top right hand corner. Tap on this to begin. 

Step 2:

You will, by default, be brought to the “All Content” section of the search tab.You now have the option to scroll through all the content to find your desired pin (anatomical structure). To do this simply drag your finger from any point on the Search tab upwards, to the top of the tab. 

Alternatively, you can type the name of the structure you are looking for into the search engine. To do this tap in search field "Search…". You can now type the name of the structure you are looking for, the search engine will do a comprehensive search of the app and any related structure will then be returned.


Step 3:

Choose the relevant pin according to your search term and the app will instantly zoom to the location of this pinned anatomical structure.


We hope we have provided you with the information to allow you to easily search for pins in our app. The pin you have searched for, can now be shared if you wish. If you require any further information or have any suggestions, please contact us here

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