Sharing Drawings

Have you read our step by step guide on how to add drawings onto the model? If so, you may wish to learn how you can now share this drawing. This step by step by guide will show you how to share your drawings through Email, Facebook, Twitter and also add them to your photos. The app also allows you to share pins, notes, screenshots and Multiple Choice Quiz results.

Step 1:

Locate and tap on the paintbrush icon "" on the right hand side of the app interface.

Step 2:

Tap on the share icon "", at the bottom right hand corner of the app interface. This is will then take a screenshot of the drawing and it will be shown to you.

Step 3:

You can choose from the three methods of sharing the drawing or even send it to your photos. To send the drawing through email, please have your Mail account setup.


Hopefully you can now easily share drawings using our app. If you any questions or have any suggestions, please get in touch.

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