Searching and Saving Videos

This tutorial focuses on searching for any video within your app. You can also visit the other tutorials on searching for pins and searching the glossary

Step 1:

Tap on the search icon "" on the app interface. It is located on the top of the right hand side navigation bar. 

Step 2:

The default section that will be shown to you will be “All Content”. To search for only videos, please tap on “Videos” located at the bottom of the Search tab. 

Step 3:

You can scroll through all the videos you have unlocked (including the thirty free videos). Scrolling through the videos is a very straightforward process. Simply drag your finger, from any point on the Search tab, upwards to the top of the tab. Alternatively, you can search for the video you are looking for by typing keywords into the search engine. To do this, tap the search box "Search…". You can now type the name of the video you are looking for and the search engine will look through our app and return any unlocked video relating to the typed word. 

Step 4:

After you have tapped on a video, the video will now play. You can save the video if you wish to easily access it later offline. To do this tap “Download” on the top right corner of the selected video tab.

Step 5:

Tap “Yes” and the video will start downloading. It will then be saved under the Downloaded Videos section of the app. Please see our step by guide on how to view your saved videos. 


We hope that this step by step guide assisted you in successfully searching for and saving videos. If you have any queries or wish to give suggestions, please do get in touch


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