Adding Bookmarks

This is a step by step tutorial showing you how to efficiently to use bookmarks in our app. However, bookmarks are not the only things you can add to the app. You can also add pins, notes and drawings.

Step 1:

Pick and choose any structure on the body that you wish to view at later stage. Tap on the allocated pin for that structure. Proceed by tapping on the information icon (i) for that pin. 

Step 2:

Tap the bookmark icon "" which is located at the top of the pin window. 

Step 3:

The app will ask you save the bookmark. If you wish to save this bookmark tap on “Save”, otherwise tap "Cancel". The bookmark icon will then look like this ""

Step 4:

Our app also allows you to organize your bookmarks by creating folders. To do so, tap on the bookmark icon of any structure on the human body. You will be given an option to “Add Folder” at the bottom of the pop up. 

Step 5:

Carefully name your folder after you have have tapped on "Add Folder", continue by tapping “OK”. The structure is now bookmarked into this folder.


We hope that these simple steps allow you to effectively bookmark any pin on the model. You can then also view your saved bookmarks. If you have any additional queries or maybe have some suggestions, please get in touch.

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