Sharing Your Saved Pins And Notes

So after you've learned how to add your own pins and notes, you can then learn to share pins and notes here. This simple process of sharing pins and notes is explained step by step below. 

Step 1:

To share your pins and notes please begin by tapping on the share icon "". This is located on the right hand corner of the app interface. 


Step 2:

Tap “Email pins/notes” to share your saved pins and notes via email. You now have an option to pick what you wish to share. The default screen will show your saved pins. To share notes, please tap on “Notes” which is located at the bottom of the pop up.

Step 3:

Simply tap the note/s or pin/s you wish to share. The selected items will have a blue tick beside them. 

Step 4:

Provided you have a Mail account setup, tap on “Email” on the top right hand corner. You can now choose whoever you wish to share this pin or note with by entering their email address.


We hope these steps have provided you with the information you were hoping for to easily share pins and notes. If you have any additional questions or any suggestions, please get in touch.


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