Adding your own Notes

The Pocket Anatomy app allows you to add notes to each system pin. Notes are not the only thing that you can add to the model. You can also add pins, bookmarks and drawings. This step by step guide focuses on how to add you own notes.

Step 1:

Simply tap on a pin of your choice to display its name. 

Step 2:

Tap on the info icon (i) on the pin label to display the learning content associated with this structure. Each of the tabs display the relevant Anatomy, Functions, Supply, Clinical and Video learning content. 

Step 3:

Tap on the notepad icon "" on the top right hand side of the pin tab. Now, simply type whatever information (note) you wish to add to this pin. Once you are done, tap "Save". The note is then saved for later viewing. You can now wish to view your saved notes. The app will allow you to also share any notes that you create.


We hope that after this guide, you will be able to add your own notes to any pin on the model. If you have a question or wish to send us suggestions, please contact us.

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