Locate Pins Quiz

Our Pocket Anatomy app allows users to use the app as a way of testing their knowledge on the human anatomy. The Locate Pin Quiz tests the user’s ability to navigate through nine layers and 360-degrees of the model to find one of the thousands of labelled structures. Follow this step by step guide on how to complete a Locate Pin Quiz.

Step 1:

Locate and press the Book icon "". Then proceed by tapping on “Test Your Knowledge”

Step 2:

You will be shown the four different types of quiz our app allows users to complete. Tap on the “Locate Pin Quiz”

Step 3:

As default, all structure types will be selected. This means that you might be asked to find all these different structures during the quiz. If you wish deselect some of these, tap on whichever structure you would like to be part of the quiz.

Step 4:

Also by default, all regions of the body will be selected. This also means that you could be asked to locate a pin on any part of that body. Tap on any of the regions you do not wish to be quizzed on.

Step 5:

When you are happy with your selection of structures and body region, you can tap on “Start Locate Pins Quiz”. This will be start the quiz and you will be asked to locate a pin (example: Locate the Central sulcus").


We hope that this step by step guide was helpful in allowing you to complete a Locate Pin Quiz. If you still have a question or wish to give us a suggestions, please contact us.

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